Uber, Lyft and Fingerprints: This Blog’s for Beale

Uber, Lyft and Fingerprints: This Blog’s for Beale

A yr and a half in the past, Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale introduced he had the votes to require that Uber and Lyft drivers bear fingerprint-based felony background checks to drive within the metropolis.

Beale was going to do it.

Uber’s lobbyists and Mayor Rahm Emanuel went on excessive alert to stop this from occurring. Ultimately, after a lot tussling, Beale agreed to attend six months (or so) till a University of Illinois at Chicago research might independently decide whether or not or not Uber and Lyft drivers ought to bear fingerprinting.

Six months handed: no research.

A yr handed: no research.

Finally, Beale demanded to see it. And now it’s arrived.

Two issues seize your consideration about this research, which was simply launched by the Emanuel administration.

The first is: It is reportedly six pages lengthy.

One, two, three, 4, 5, six.

Wonder if that features footnotes?

The second factor is: It doesn’t handle fingerprinting in any respect.

Beale declared himself “speechless” upon receipt of the doc.

In side-stepping fingerprinting, the anticipated research reportedly mealy mouths one thing alongside the strains of “other studies had looked at background check systems for each of the industries.”

Wonder if the report’s findings have been inconvenient?


You know what, Mr. Beale? Forget studies.

In the intervening interval because the University of Illinois at Chicago report was commissioned there now exists bulletproof knowledge grounded in actuality from two states: Maryland and Massachusetts.

Maryland recently declared it’s rejected virtually 15% of a batch of 24,608 already accredited Uber and Lyft drivers due to disqualifying felony histories and driving data.

Maryland conducts what it calls “supplemental” authorities background checks of Uber and Lyft drivers. Tori Leonard, spokesperson for the Maryland regulator, said: “The fact that we are rejecting a significant number on secondary review demonstrates a solid justification for our supplemental review process, which is above and beyond what most other states do.”

Massachusetts previously announced its personal supplemental authorities background examine of authorised Uber and Lyft drivers rejected greater than eight,200 of 71,000 driver purposes.

Bottom line: Maryland and Massachusetts have carried out authorities background checks on accepted Uber and Lyft drivers and rejected them by the hundreds so as to shield the passenger public.

This is one of the best proof anybody might ask for.

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